ROSC prepared the REACH dossiers for several dozens of substances some of which are displayed here below:

Name CAS EINECS Substance Identification
Barium 7440-39-3 231-149-1 Profile Barium
DETX 82799-44-8 280-041-0 Profile DETX
Gallium 7440-55-3 231-163-8 Profile Gallium
Gallium trichloride 13450-90-3 236-610-0 Profile Gallium Trichloride
Octacarbonyldicobalt 10210-68-1 233-514-0 Octacarbonyldicobalt
Strontium 7440-24-6 231-133-4 Profile Strontium
Strontium iodide* 10476-86-5 233-972-1 Profile Strontium Iodide
Tributyl borate 688-74-4 211-706-5 Profile Trybutyl borate
Zinc formaldehyde sulfoxylate 24887-06-7 246-515-6 Profile ZFS

ROSC is providing secretary general services for the following REACH consortia: arsenic and the metal carboxylates and is representing the German semiconductor industry in IMAT.

* The company involved decided NOT to REACH register this substance and by consequence, this REACH dossier will NOT be prepared further. Certain data are now available, so if any of you is interested in these data, please contact me at