Consortium management

E.g. to comply with REACH regulation EC 1907/2006 for both registration and authorisation

  • Establish and develop the consortium: bring companies together and get them organised
  • Promote the consortium to stakeholders
  • Conduct the day-to-day operations of the consortium
  • Co-ordinate activities related to the assessment and control of the substances in the framework of e.g. the REACH legislation.
  • Science/tox part is handled in cooperation with ARCHE consulting
  • Transfer scientific messages to a non-scientific audience
  • Represent the consortium at conferences, meetings, workshops
  • Establish and further develop international network contacts
  • Give regulatory advice to the members of the consortium
  • Confidential handling of data and information
  • Management of contracts and agreements (with e.g. labs, toxicologists …)
  • Organize and minute meetings
  • Develop and implement cost sharing mechanisms
  • Communication up and down the supply chain
  • Communication with ECHA
  • Ensure deadlines get respected

REACH advice and aid

Advising clients on their REACH obligations and – if and where needed- perform the REACH
duties in their name (updating REACH dossiers / update and submit via REACH IT / IUCLID /
ensure the safety data sheet is REACH compliant and conform the chemical safety report/
follow up on evaluations / LoA management / assist during REACH enforcement controls …)


Confidential handling of data and information.

Poison centres

Provide guidance / help companies to submit the information on their hazardous mixtures
to the poison centers under the new Annex VIII to the CLP Regulation.

Regulatory advice and aid

Assist companies with complying with EU directives and legislations + write / fill in customer

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