Reference list

Bernd Friede


Product Stewardship Manager at Elkem AS

Karine provides excellent service as Secretary General of the ROSC consortium. She exhibits great communication skills and project management skills, is spot-on, dedicated to her clients, and absolutely reliable. It is a great pleasure working with such a professional service provider with a high level of expertise, and I really appreciate Karine’s support in the REACH registration of metals.

Geert Krekel


Managing Director at Campine NV and chair of the International Antimony Association

Karine is a crack in regulatory affairs. She knows to combine thorough science based information with regulatory common sense to realise  correct positioning of chemical substances  in whatever regulatory environment. As  the chairman of the international antimony association i have during almost 15 years worked together with her on many regulatory projects including the European risk assessment and successful  REACH  registration of the majority of antimony compounds.
Next to her professional regulatory tasks, she managed to create an international antimony  community for the world wide regulatory support of antimony products. In her work she is conscious, correct  persevering and efficient. I can recommend her for any regulatory challenge.

Anne-Marie Hamelton


Senior Manager Consumer Protection at Plasticseurope

I have known Karine for many years and I have always been very impressed by her knowledge, commitment and her professionalism. She is an excellent project manager.

Raymond Devaux


President, AMG Antimony chez AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V.

I have been very pleased to work with Karine when she was the secretary general of I2A (International Antimony Association).
Through her commitment and her cheerfulness, she has been the heart of our association for almost 15 years.
I hope we will keep in touch and have other opportunities to work together.

Major accomplishments

  • Successful EU Risk Assessment of antimony trioxide (under Existing Substance Regulation 793/93 with Swedish KemI as Rapporteur)
  • Developed the International Antimony Oxide Industry Association (now called the International Antimony Association, i2a, into a professional and well reputed industry organisation
  • Helped companies (big and small) comply with their REACH registration obligations by the
    May 2018 deadline